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LNCCI_LogoLNCCI Exhibition Plan 2016

Date Name of Exhibition Country Product
30 June 2016 Smart SME Expo 2016 Thailand All Products
28 July 2016 The East-West Economic Corridor Vietnam All Products
26 August 2016 Fishex and Seafood Expo 2016 China Food
8 August 2016 SIMA ASEAN Thailand Thailand Visitor
10 August 2016 The 58th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair Thailand Jewelry
26 August 2016 The 10th Pyongyang International Science & Technology Book Fair (PISTBF) North Korea Book
August 2016 The 12 Agriculture International Kunming China Agriculture
August 2016 The 6th China-Eurasia Expo and The 9th West China Culture Industry Exposition China Allproducts
5 September 2016 The 12th Pyngyang Autumn International Trade Fair Nort Korea All Products
26 October 2016 Port Messel Nagoya Japan IT, Highdropower,Construction, Trade and Transportation
26 October 2016 Lao Handicraft Fastival Laos Handicraft

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          ພະແນກ ການຄ້າ ການລົງທຶນ ແລະ ວາງສະແດງ
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