SurePayroll Software Review

When SurePayroll first hit the ground running way back in the year 2000 it was the first oufit to offer completely internet-based payroll and tax preparation software for local and smaller types of businesses.

Since that time, people using SurePayroll have done so approximately 19 million times to pay their employees. These days Payroll comes to us from the company Paychex. We just recently did another review of the Paychex Payroll software, so it was interesting to find out that they had indeed bought out SurePayroll as well.

Paychex purchased SurePayroll for $115 million dollars in 2011.

What’s The Scoop On SurePayroll and It’s Products Available For Businesses?

According to my initial research about SurePayroll they are mainly known for offering two different types of packages for businesses.

These plans include Self Service and Full Service. These seem to be kind of self-explanatory but let’s take a dive into each of these options further.

SurePayroll’s Self Serve Plan

The Self-Service plan, costs $19.99 per month plus $4 per employee. It could be one-stop-shop for any office that handles payroll. It includes everything you’ll need to run payroll, including direct deposit and unlimited payroll runs, as well as other useful features like new hire reporting and payroll automation.

SurePayroll offers a number of services to help you get the most out of your small business. In addition, it includes specialist assistance even after hours or on weekends. This plan enables you to compute your taxes, but will not pay or submit them for you with their Self Serve plan.

It seems that SurePayroll’s Full-Service plan is the best choice if you want payroll software to take taxes off your plate too.

If you’re looking into either one, get in touch with them for a quote. The Full Service plan provides a slew of extra features, including HR assistance, accelerated processing for direct deposits, and accounting connections, but some of them are more expensive depending on your plan.

Sure Payroll’s Full Service Plan

This ‘more-inclusive’ option from SurePayroll is more expensive than the Self-Service alternative, but it includes all of the features of its Full-Service plan as well as some extra tools. The most significant distinction is that the Full-Service plan takes care of your federal and state taxes.

It’ll also charge you an extra monthly fee to handle your local taxes if that’s something you wanted to do with it too. An HR advisor and two-day processing for direct deposits are included in the subscription, both of which may be purchased as add-ons to SurePayroll’s Self-Service plan.

The $29.99 monthly fee plus $5 per employee for the Full-Service plan seems to be a fair deal, but you’ll want to obtain a quotation to see what it entails based on your specific needs. The budget-friendly ‘Full-Service’ plan from is more affordable than many rivals.

Keep in mind though, SurePayroll is owned by Paychex which we previously reviewed, and we learned that Paychex likes to up-sell you… so this may not be as economical as it seems.

The only real way to tell would be to schedule your own appointment with them to see what they may suggest for you.

SurePayroll – Some Improved Features?

SurePayroll has enhanced assistance resources and streamlined data-filtering capabilities since last year. For example, opening the big question mark in the Quick Launcher reveals four website guidance options. Here, you may view walk-throughs of typical payroll-related procedures and sign up for chat.

Several other user-centric improvements may be seen throughout the experience. The Quarter-End Guide (as well as the Year-End Guide, depending on the season) helps you finish any quarterly chores. The Product Updates link goes to product updates and news, such as new and improved features. The reports and employee list now have colored buttons at the top of the screen to help you search.

SurePayroll - The Dashboard
SurePayroll – The Dashboard

Also, in keeping with many cloud based services that businesses can access these days, SurePayroll does integrate with some of the more popular tools when it comes to payroll and accounting practices as well.

A few of the integration’s available at the moment include Time Clockwork, Intuit Quickbooks, Xero, and Less Accounting.

Is SurePayroll The Solution For You?

Of course with every solution that’s available to people for their businesses in 2021 and beyond, there will always be some peeps that will find SurePayroll meeting their needs.

It seems to be especially true in this case that the SurePayroll software solution would be best geared for the smaller Mom and Pop local businesses, or the solo-preneur who may have a few employees spread across a few states etc.

The Self Serve plan is priced at the lowest we’ve come across in our series of reviews thus far.

So for some, yes… it may seem to be the logical solution for them.

The downside of their Full Service Plan though, is that once again with the company being owned by Paychex, you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking at price wise until you talk with the company first hand. Again, once investigated it may be something that will meet your needs.

Wrapping up this SurePayroll Software Review though, I will leave you with this question.

Doesn’t it just make more sense to go with a program such as Gusto Payroll Software where you will be getting some of the perks of SurePayroll’s Full Service plan included with Gusto’s
base starter system?

We already know that it’s gained so much popularity for some very good reasons. Gusto does have a premium solution for practically any size business, at an exceptional cost.

Before making any type of final decision, we suggest that you take a very good look at the Gusto Payroll software solution first… This way, you’ll know you’ve covered all of your bases, and you’re sure to find the right solution for your business needs.

Gusto Payroll Software Is Here – Check Them Out!

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