Square Payroll Review – All-In-One Solution

Square Payroll

Square Payroll is another centralized cloud-based payroll software that we looked at today. As we dig deeper into the many alternatives available to us, we’re starting to discover more of these “all-in-one” payroll software solutions.

For sure, it’s a cool idea… but whether it’s always the best solution for your own company’s needs, that’s a whole other story of course. Certainly, one size doesn’t always fit all, and there’s a number of factors to consider when making the ‘right’ choice for yourself.

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So let’s dig into this Square Payroll Review…

Payroll solutions like Square Payroll are simple and affordable for small enterprises, especially those that employ hourly workers. It may be used to track time and manage scheduling, tax withholding and filing, as well as the administration of perks such as health insurance and retirement savings.

With its straightforward pricing, contractor-only plan, and adaptable payment choices for workers, Square Payroll is one of the few payroll service providers that stands out from the crowd.

Square Payroll’s contractor-only service is particularly cost-effective for businesses with just contractors on staff. You won’t have to pay a monthly flat rate and per-person charge; instead, you’ll only be charged $5 each person paid every month. Naturally, this is an attractive portion of their service, should that be the case for you.

What Types Of Businesses Benefit Most From Square Payroll

Small Local or ‘Mom & Pop’ Businesses – Payroll operators who handle small companies. It’s fairly inexpensive (around $35 per month for everyone in addition to $5 per employee monthly) and easy to give staff benefits like healthcare, workers’ compensation, and retirement plans.

Contractor Specific Companies – Payroll is a way to manage and pay 1099 employees, and it’s a popular suggested contractor payroll service for small enterprises. It can pay contractors through direct deposit and submit 1099-MISC forms for you at $5 per person per month. During months when you don’t employ contract workers to pay, the per-contractor processing fees are likewise waived.

Benefit Driven For Employees

Employees who submit direct deposit will get paid five business days after each pay period expires if their payroll is submitted on time with Square Payroll. There are a few more payment options, too.

If you use a Square Balance account linked to a Square Card to pay staff, – The following day, all of the employees will get paid through direct deposit or immediately if they use Cash App.

Square provides a service for employers that allows employees to withdraw up to half of their earned pay, up to $200 per transaction, at no cost. Employees may use the Cash App to send money to a linked debit card or bank account for a cost of 0.1% of the amount sent.

(It should be noted that Cashapp, is also owned by Square Payroll, and has it’s own fee)

Square Payroll Files Your Taxes For You

Tax preparation and filing services are available through Square Payroll. This can save you time by preparing federal, state, and local tax returns with automated calculations, payments, and submissions. It generates and files W-2 and 1099 MISC forms at the end of the year. Your staff can access their tax documents and pay stubs using the Square Team app.

Integrated Time Tracking

You can record employee hours using the Square POS and Team app, which both include clock-in/out capabilities. Both also connect directly to Square Payroll, so you don’t have to enter timecards manually.

Square Payroll Review – Is It Easy To Setup & Use?

 In some of our other reviews we discovered that some platforms weren’t all that easy to set-up, but what’s the deal with Square Payroll?

The usage of Simple Payroll is easy and quick. Getting the program up and running is simple, especially if all of your company and employee information is already there, and you only have to add a few people. When you first set up a Square account, you may get assistance from customer care. New clients can get live help from Square.

Square offers a step-by-step guide that can be accessed by clicking the “How To” button on its homepage. While it provides user-friendly features that let you process payroll on mobile devices, Square also has a wealth of how-to instructions available.

What Do Customers Think?

Some consumers claimed that while Square Payroll is reasonably priced, scaling up your workforce might be expensive. Others complained that one-on-one customer service may be difficult to reach, and time cards are tedious to manage.

The ‘Not So Popular’ Thoughts

Upon doing customer feedback we also found that some people didn’t like that many of Square Payroll features depended on ‘in-house’ products created by Square itself. It’s most popular integration is once again Quickbooks, but it does lack the integration of several other popular 3rd party services.

The Conclusion

For some businesses Square Payroll does seem to be a solid choice. It does have a fair reputation in the industry, especially with small to mid-size businesses. We’re not knocking it by any means.

However, the dependence of other Square products to make this solution viable might turn off some businesses, and also it did lack some popular 3rd party integration features found in many other payroll software options available.

Slow response time from Customer Service might also be a concern. It’s certainly may worth looking into though…

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